XForms: Bad file number messages

From: zaphodb (zaphodb@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 13:10:37 EST

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    I'm running a trial version of the commercial X-server Xwin32 (version 5.11)
    on a W98 platform and I'm using the libforms89 library to run a X-window
    application from a cygwin shell. This works fine for me but
    while this application is running in the shell window I get loads and loads
    repetitions of a specific message:

    In select [asyn_io.c 170] Bad file number--Bad file number

    This alone seems to consume quite a bit of processing power.
    Does anybody know what is causing this and how this can be helped?
    Is this a libforms or cygwin or Xwin32 problem?


    Zaphod B.

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