XForms: Bad file number messages

From: zaphodb (zaphodb@wanadoo.nl)
Date: Sun Apr 01 2001 - 19:30:46 EDT

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    When I'm running a libforms89 based app from a cygwin shell in the cygwin
    shell I get loads and loads of repetitions of a specific message:

    In select [asyn_io.c 170] Bad file number--Bad file number

    This happens nomatter if I use a trial version of a commercial X-server
    Xwin32 (version 5.11) or the most recent win32-X11 xfree x-server
    I'm running W98 b.t.w.

    Printing these messages to the screen alone to me seems to consume quite a
    bit of processing power. Does anybody know what is causing this and how
    this can be helped? According to cygwin and xfree connaisseurs this is not a
    or X-server problem. So the message must stem from the xforms library. What
    do they
    mean and can I prevent these messages from being printed thus preserving
    the processing power for the app.?


    Zaphod B.

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