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From: Peter S Galbraith (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 13:34:11 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Peter S Galbraith <> :

    About 2 and-a-half months ago, T.C. Zhao wrote:

    > Given that work related traval and commitment won't improve
    > in the near future, I don't feel like holding off the open
    > source anymore. So in the next month, spl and I will try
    > to tidy up everything, and release the new code open source.
    > Even if we can't finish everything, we'll still release
    > it open source, and fix whatever that's not right
    > in the next release.

    Might I make a suggestion? I don't know if the holdup is code
    cleanup or picking an appropriate license, but I suggest
    releasing the current code base now under a restrictive (to
    commercial use) open license such as the GPL.

    The main benefit is that most every OS/arch combinaison would get
    an upgraded XForms out of it (some are still using old licb5

    You can then take your time on releasing the next version without
    the pressure of waiting users. You'll probably get bug fix patches.

    You can then release the next version under a license friendly to
    closed-source projects if that's what you want (e.g. LGPL), unless
    you've already decided on the license. In that case use that now.

    This is just a suggestion to get the ball rolling.

    Respecfully yours,

    Peter Galbraith,
    Debian maintainer, seeing the freeze of another Debian release
    coming without XForms in main.

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