XForms: canvas demo

From: zaphodb (zaphodb@casema.net)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 16:54:26 EST

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    Hi list,

    I've new here so let me introduce myself.
    I've been using the xforms library for about 3 years now working on 2 major projects.
    One is a terts-band vocoder and the other one is a formant synthesizer. I'm more into
    making music so programming is a means for me to achieve things I cannot otherwise,
    either because I cannot afford the software I would like to use or it does not (yet) exist.
    You can find a few pictures on my site http://www.casema.net/~zaphodb

    Both of the projects are comming along fine. But I've got a question on the canvas demo program.
    I like the idea of being notified when entering/leaving a canvas. What I do not understand is
    why it takes the canvas program so long to react the first time I enter/leave the object the handler is
    added to.

    I'm planning on using this feature on 31 fields and in my trial program it takes
    about .5 to 1 minute before I get the first response! Can I speed this up somehow?

    Any help will be appreciated

    Zaphod B.
    Some things were never meant to make sense.
    May the farce be with you.

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