XForms: TAB navigation

From: Dick Middleton (dick@sqf.hp.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 08:43:44 EDT

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    > This behavior is consistent with other applications. Netscape, for
    > one, exhibits the same behavior when filling out forms.

    Maybe, but I don't think Netscape is a shining example of how things should
    be done. Besides there's always opposing examples - e.g. on my desktop I use
    datebook. It uses TAB consistently to move between input fields (and shift
    TAB to move backwards). I like this behaviour - it's intuitive and useful.

    > Unless you're going do disallow the use of tabs in multiline input (a
    > bad idea, IMHO) there's really no way around it.

    In my experience using TAB as an input character unusual. Your milage may
    vary. It depends so much on the type of data being input. Obviously it is
    just a choice; pros and cons whichever way.

    > I suppose it could be made an API option but the inconsistency between
    > applications could "devalue" it as much as anything else.

    There really is no other resolution to this issue except an API option
    leaving the choice to the app designer. Otherwise there will always be a bone
    of contention one way or other.

    I propose: fl_set_tab_navigates(obj, flag)



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