XForms: spreadsheets and more

From: Matthias Rarey (Matthias.Rarey@gmd.de)
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 03:04:41 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Matthias Rarey <Matthias.Rarey@gmd.de> :

    Hello everybody,

    after one year doing non-GUI programming, I downloaded the new
    xforms two days ago and I am really happy to see several new
    useful things implemented. I have a couple of xforms-questions
    which are more or less unrelated to each other:

    1. When I define ranges and the stepsize for a thumbwheel or a slider,
       the floats are displayed with ',' instead of '.' (that's fine for
       a german). However, the emitted code also contains ',' resulting in
       code which cannot be compiled. Is this a bug in fdesign or can I do
       anything about it?

    2. I am looking more or less continuously for a simple and quick
       solution for porting an xforms/OpenGL based application to Windows.
       The user should be able to run the software without an additional
       X-server. Now there is this new Win32 distribution which seems to
       do the job.
       - Is this version continuously supported like the UNIX platforms?
       - How 'alpha-ish' is it? Has anyone experience with it? Is there a
         time plan for a new, hopefully more 'beta-ish' version?
       - Are there any known problems (how about OpenGL applications)?

    3. I am currently planing the development of a new tool containing
       something like a simple spreadsheet which should be able to hold
       text and figures. My current plan is to create a form representing
       a row on the fly and put it several times (up to a few hundred) into
       a formbrowser.
       - Does anyone see performance problems (scrolling, updating, etc) with
         this approach?
       - Is there a better way to do this task with xforms?
       - In order to do this, I need to couple horizontal sliders from two
         formbrowsers (the first containing the column description, the
         second containing the data fields). What is the best way to do

    Thanks in advance for any comments,


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