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From: Steve Lamont (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 09:44:58 EDT

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from Steve Lamont <> :

    > 1. When I define ranges and the stepsize for a thumbwheel or a slider,
    > the floats are displayed with ',' instead of '.' (that's fine for
    > a german). However, the emitted code also contains ',' resulting in
    > code which cannot be compiled. Is this a bug in fdesign or can I do
    > anything about it?

    I think I'd use a filter to emit the displayed values. Something like

            const char *filter( FL_OBJECT *obj, double value, int prec )


                static char buffer[32];

                sprintf( buffer, "%.*f", prec, value );
                *( strchr( buffer, '.' ) ) = ',';

                return buffer;


    This filter should work for either counters or sliders. There's no
    provision for a filter for thumbwheels.

    > 2. I am looking more or less continuously for a simple and quick
    > solution for porting an xforms/OpenGL based application to Windows.

    I never touch Windows, so I can't say.

    > 3. I am currently planing the development of a new tool containing
    > something like a simple spreadsheet which should be able to hold
    > text and figures. My current plan is to create a form representing
    > a row on the fly and put it several times (up to a few hundred) into
    > a formbrowser.
    > - Does anyone see performance problems (scrolling, updating, etc) with
    > this approach?

    Good question. I expect that there may be some flicker. I use a
    formbrowser to display several dozen forms scrolled vertically and
    have problems with it, but that's on an older SGI. Faster CPUs and
    graphics subsystems may be less of a problem.

    > - Is there a better way to do this task with xforms?

    Dunno. Sounds to me to be as good an approach as any.

    > - In order to do this, I need to couple horizontal sliders from two
    > formbrowsers (the first containing the column description, the
    > second containing the data fields). What is the best way to do
    > this?

    I'm not sure I follow. Shouldn't one track the other in lockstep?

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