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From: Matthias Rarey (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 11:09:50 EDT

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    > > 3. I am currently planing the development of a new tool containing
    > > something like a simple spreadsheet which should be able to hold
    > > text and figures. My current plan is to create a form representing
    > > a row on the fly and put it several times (up to a few hundred) into
    > > a formbrowser.
    > > - Does anyone see performance problems (scrolling, updating, etc) with
    > > this approach?
    > Good question. I expect that there may be some flicker. I use a
    > formbrowser to display several dozen forms scrolled vertically and
    > have problems with it, but that's on an older SGI. Faster CPUs and
    > graphics subsystems may be less of a problem.
    > > - Is there a better way to do this task with xforms?
    > Dunno. Sounds to me to be as good an approach as any.
    > > - In order to do this, I need to couple horizontal sliders from two
    > > formbrowsers (the first containing the column description, the
    > > second containing the data fields). What is the best way to do
    > > this?
    > I'm not sure I follow. Shouldn't one track the other in lockstep?

    What I mean is that, whenever I move the horizontal slider of the first
    browser, the horizontal slider of the second browser should automatically
    moved by the same amount such that column description (browser 1) and
    data fields (browser 2) are always vertically aligned. Browser 1 and 2
    have the same width and 1 is located on top of 2.


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