Re: XForms: Problem noifying end of input.

From: Clive A Stubbings (
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 17:22:45 EST

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    > # To subscribers of the xforms list from Steve Lamont <> :

    > > I have an applications with about a dozen input objects on a tab. It also
    > > has a pile of buttons.

    > > Pressing a button can change which data set is displayed (its a form of tree
    > > navigation) so its vital to collect any changes.

    > So, why don't FL_RETURN_CHANGED or FL_RETURN_ALWAYS satisfy your
    > requirement for notification? Am I missing some subtlety here?

    Actually I do use FL_RETURN CHANGED... but it is not enough alone.

    Because.. FL_RETURN_CHANGED does not get the call-back called when you
    press a button. I did play with FL_RETURN_ALWAYS, and with a major re-design
    might have been able to make it work but there are problems where the format
    of the input needs to be validated once complete and there are problems if the
    call back would cause the object called from it to be updated - (keeping
    cursors in the right place etc) especially with multiline objects.
    It would be possible to be "more organised" and do this (but heck, this is a
    free app written for utility and fun - not my day job ;-), but in the end
    it was easier to add the handlers to make button presses flush the last input
    object if it was "dirty".

    > Otherwise, it seems what's being asked for is for XForms to intuit
    > what the user's intentions are when they move the mouse out of an
    > Input object.

    I know you and TC are good.. but not even you can manage that ;-)

    No.. what I'd like is that after typing some text into an input object,
    I get the same callback behavior from that input object whether the next
    object I hit is a button or another input object.

    Thats the behavior I now get with the handlers I have and I'm quite
    happy about the world.. And all the stuff I do now goes through the standard
    xforms API. The only complaint I had was that the xforms behavior was rather
    counter-intuitive (to me anyway). I don't remember this problem in Motif,
    but that was a long time ago and it may be that I just never hit it.


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