Re: XForms: fl_get_xyplot() grief

From: John Prinos (
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 12:16:44 EST

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    "T.C. Zhao" wrote:

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    > I think Steve mentioned that the xyplot only searches
    > for the first point that's within a given distance from
    > the mouse position, but sometime the point so found
    > may not be the closest. That might explain the problem
    > you're seeing. |In the latest code, I put extra code
    > to make sure the point returned is always the one that's
    > closes to the mouse.
    > -TC

    Hi TC, thanks for answering.

    I believe from what digging I did that the problem I'm encountering is
    different and a bit more insidious than the one SPL gave an algorithmic fix

    I'm noticing incorrect answers from fl_get_xyplot() if arbitrary xmin/xmax's
    are asked for. If the whole dataset is showing on the xyplot there's no
    problem. If only a part is showing, a part where the start of the dataset is
    offscreen, fl_get_xyplot returns nonsense.

    In a slightly later posting, I gave a coded example (butchered from
    activexyplot.c). It displays the problem I'm encountering in my large app.


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