Re: XForms: Why xforms?

From: zaphodb (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 09:48:01 EST

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    # To subscribers of the xforms list from "zaphodb" <> :

    > Using the app remotely via Exceed does not help this type of application
    > where audio is being required to be played on the client machine!

    Yep, that problem always remains.

    > I was developing software on a machine at MIT via a remote X session here
    > in the UK. It also played out audio (a speech synthesis system), but of
    > course, the machine at MIT did the talking!

    Ever thought of a netradio kindof solution? Or would this put
    too much a load on a network / be too low quality ?

    > Pass me another pangalacticgargleblaster.

    I'd be happy to oblige but I'm out of olives at the moment.


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